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Dedicated to preserving the blood of the original Morgan horse for future generations and for those who cherish the Lippitt Morgan for the noble horse that they are.

Blue Spruce Jeremiah
(River Riders Rogue x River Riders Romance)

     We are Blue Spruce Morgan Farm, owned by Pam Jensen and Andy Fleming of Crystal Falls, Michigan. 

     Gary has shared the Morgans with us for many years, and we absolutely fell in love with them. In 2016, Gary handed off his breeding program to us, knowing that we would be as dedicated to preserving and promoting the pure bred Lippitt Morgan horse as he had. 

     It was 1962 when Gary discovered his love for the Lippitt Morgan Breed. Moro Hills Magician, a young Lippitt Morgan stud, whom Gary had been asked to train was the beginning. It was Magician's willingness and incredible temperament that sold him on the breed. 

     Gary then made a visit to Chester Trefct. Chester was a renowned horsemen and breeder of the Lippitt Morgans. He desired to promote and preserve the Lippitt Morgan horse. After learning so much from Chester, Gary's love for the breed deepened leading to the purchase of Moro Hills Mariner (Lippitt Royal Margarita x Dyberry Ethan), the day he was born in 1963.

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