Blue Spruce Tribute

Foaled 04/21/2019

(Blue Spruce Jeremiah x Blue Spruce Mistic Rose)

Asking Price: $ 3,000.00

(Sale Pending)

Tribute was born on Easter Sunday of 2019 (04/21/2019) out of Blue Spruce Mistic Rose and sired by Blue Spruce Jeremiah. As a young foal, he was quite shy of people - we were only allowed to "admire from afar". As he's gotten older, that has all changed - when he's called he will come running form clear across the pasture and nickers when someone comes into the barn. 


It is safe to say this young colt is totally ground broke and broke to tie. He stands in cross ties and behaves well to get his feet trimmed. Tribute has been started in the round pen this past summer where we have been working on trust and understanding body language. He has truly amazed me as to how much attention he pays to whoever is in the center, even with his back turned - always making eye contact.  Tribute has been introduced to mares over the summer and is understanding when and when not to "act like a stud".


Tribute is 100% Lippitt Morgan and is of all Moro Hill bloodlines. Watching how this young colt has developed, we believe he will be "true to type" of the Lippitt Morgan horse. We expect him to be a great stud prospect and make an excellent addition to any breeding program.

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