Blue Spruce Mistic Rose
(Blue Spruce High-Majestic x Blue Spruce Gaylynn Marie)

Not for sale.

     Mistic is currently our top brood mare, she has produced five beautiful foals for us; Blue Spruce Patriot (Blue Spruce Jeremiah), Blue Spruce R-Nevaeh (Blue Spruce Pason), Blue Spruce Summit (Blue Spruce Jeremiah), Blue Spruce Tribute (Blue Spruce Jeremiah), and Blue Spruce Urek-Rose (Blue Spruce Jeremiah). She will be bred again in the spring of 2022.

     Aside from being an excellent brood mare, in her off time, Mistic is a top notch trail horse. This mare is very sure footed when it comes to riding or even being the pack horse on camping trips, as well as having exceptional ground manners.

Blue Spruce R-Nevaeh
(Blue Spruce Pason x Blue Spruce Mistic Rose)

For Sale

     Nevaeh, a.k.a. Princess, was born on June 30th, 2015. The second out of Blue Spruce Mistic Rose. We are currently offering her for sale.

     Nevaeh is an absolute lover! She has excellent ground manners, has began training under saddle, stands for vet, farrier, and dentist, loads in a trailer, and has a "been there, done that" mentality. For more information, check out our "for sale" page.

Blue Spruce Gaylynn-Marie
(River Riders Rogue x Woodmoro Memories)

Not for sale.

     Over the years, Gaylynn has given us five foals; Blue Spruce Jaylynn Marie (River Riders Rogue), Blue Spruce Mistic-Rose (Blue Spruce High-Majestic), Blue Spruce Nathaniel (Blue Spruce High-Majestic), Blue Spruce Obediah (Blue Spruce Jeremiah), and Blue Spruce Quadira (Blue Spruce Jeremiah).

     Gaylynn is now retired from breeding and spends her days as a riding horse.

Blue Spruce Ureka-Rose
(Blue Spruce Jeremiah x Blue Spruce Mistic Rose)

For Sale

     Blue Spruce Ureka-Rose (see the exclamation point on her nose) a.k.a. Rosie was born on June 4th, 2021. This little filly has the energy, and there is never a dull moment when she's around.

     Rosie spends her day playing with the other young horses and giving her mom a hard time. She is a solid built and flashy girl with her light coat and mane color. She has been working on her ground manners and will be ready to go to a new home this winter. For more information, check out our "for sale" page.