Blue Spruce Jeremiah

(River Riders Romance x River Riders Rogue)

Not for sale.

Jeremiah is currently our senior stallion. He is the sire of five foals, Blue Spruce Obediah, Blue Spruce Pason, Blue Spruce Patriot, Blue Spruce Quadira, and Blue Spruce Summit. We are expecting two more in the Spring / Summer of 2019 with Blue Spruce Mistic Rose and Venturous Mistys Bell. 

Jeremaih attended the Midwest Horse Fair in 2012, since then he has not been in the show ring much, but has taken a liking to trail riding, and has been in a few parades in our area. What surprises most is that he is in fact a stallion because of how well mannered and docile  he is in a group setting. 

At this time, we do not collect from him, but we are open to on site breeding. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

Blue Spruce Summit

(Blue Spruce Mistic Rose x Blue Spruce Jeremiah)

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Blue Spruce Morgans

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Jeremiah Summer 2006